Otis ( Barnyard ) as Aladar Godzilla 2000

Daisy ( Barnyard ) as Neera Pink Godzilla 2000

Aladar ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Kristof

Betty ( Barnyard ) as Elsa

Tantor ( Tarzan ) as Sven

Hand ( YouTube ) as Olaf

Pongo ( 101 Dalamations ) as Eema Mothra

Ben ( Barnyard ) as Url Titanosaurus

Ben Stiller ( Ghostbusters ) as Baylenne Gigan

Little Ben ( Barnyard ) as Baby Aladar Godzilla 2000

King Ghidorahs as Itself

Godzilla 1954s as Itself

Omailey ( The Aristocats ) as Obisodus

Manny ( Ice Age Franchise ) as Krystalak

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