Jacus ( Little Baby Bum ) as Aladar Godzilla 2000

Mia ( Little Baby Bum ) as Neera Pink Godzilla 2000

Otis ( Barnyard ) as Kristof

Daisy ( Barnyard ) as Elsa

Patchi ( Walking with Dinosaurs ) as Sven

Tutter ( Bear in the Big Blue House ) as Olaf

Ojo ( Bear in the Big Blue House ) as Eema Mothra

Horse as Url Titanosaurus

Speckle ( Dino King 2012 ) as Baylenne Gigan

Chick ( Barnyard ) as Baby Aladar Godzilla 2000

Velociraptors ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as King Ghidorahs

Gorgon and Troodon ( Walking with Dinosaurs ) as Godzilla 1954s

Barney as Obisodus

Ben ( Barnyard ) as Krystalak

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