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What's up everybody! This wiki talks about Kinda Funny, the all around nerd culture destination. It is made up of the Internet's Greg Miller, the Producer/Seducer Nick Scarpino, the Pride of Long Island Colin Moriarty, and the Pure One Tim Gettys, as well as anyone who decides to join them on their journey.

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This wiki has all Kinda Funny related content at your disposal. It includes The GameOverGreggy Podcast, A Conversation with Colin, Follow the Liter, Oreo Oration, etc. This wiki also includes extra content released by Kinda Funny and descriptions of anyone involved with Kinda Funny.

Links to Kinda Funny Edit

Kinda Funny Content Edit

Here are all the shows made by Kinda Funny with a link to their wikia page as well as their Youtube playlist:

The GameOverGreggy Show - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Conversation with Colin - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Oreo Oration - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Follow the Liter - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Gregway - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Kinda Funny Unboxings - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

Kinda Funny Specials (Monopoly Tournament, Hunter Pence Rap, etc.) - Wikia and YouTube Playlist

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