Cast Edit

Main article: The Jungle Book characters

  • Jacus ( Little Baby Bum ) as Mowgli
  • Godzilla ( Godzilla 2000 ) as Baloo
  • Patchi ( Walking with Dinosaurs ) as Bagheera
  • Parasaurolophus as King Louie
  • Spinosaurus as Shere Khan
  • Allosaurus as Kaa
  • Triceratops as Colonel Hathi
  • Cortyhosaurus as Buzzie the Vulture
  • Dimetrodon as Winifred
  • Little Harry Hadrosaurus as Junior
  • Mutturburasaurus as Flaps the Vulture
  • Iguanodon as Dizzie the Vulture
  • Pachycelophosaurus as Akela
  • Homacelphale as Rama
  • Mia ( Little Baby Bum ) as The Human Girl
  • Oviraptor as Flunkey the Langur*
  • Kentrosaurus as The Slob Elephant*
  • Stegosaurus as The Gloomy Elephant*
  • Allosaurus as Ziggy the Vulture*
  • Protoceratops as monkeys*

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